❝Words I [Don't] Regret❞
- B.A.P biased but you'll find this and that here too, like EXO, B1A4, and Infinite
Title: 얼음땡 (Ice Ice Baby) (Feat. Beenzino)
Artist: Parc Jae Jung
Album: STEP 1 [1st Mini Album]
Played: 649 times
Title: Tonight, I'm Afraid Of The Dark
Artist: 10cm (cover by Daeho & Jungmin)
Played: 3,906 times
Title: Danger
Artist: 방탄소년단
Album: Dark&Wild
Played: 456 times
Title: Pretty Boy (Feat. KAI of EXO)
Artist: 태민 (TAEMIN)
Album: The 1st Mini Album `ACE`
Played: 6,475 times
Title: Pretty Boy
Artist: Taemin (Feat. KAI of EXO)
Album: Ace
Played: 29,534 times
Title: Up Rising
Artist: Chen
Album: EXO From EXOPLANET #1 Concert
Played: 1,245 times
Title: The Best Luck
Artist: Chen
Album: It's Alright It's Love OST
Played: 16,101 times
Title: Lovesick
Artist: K-POP
Album: M-REMIX Vol. 4
Played: 3,399 times
Title: 삐에로는 우릴 보고 웃지
Artist: IU
Album: 꽃갈피
Played: 2,505 times
Title: Slow Dance
Artist: 에디킴 (Eddy Kim)
Album: 너 사용법
Played: 2,195 times